To be loved for who we really are and not as who someone wants us to be. That would be wonderful. Hard to imagine, harder to believe but wonderful.
Imagine, God loves us not in spite of who we are and what we do but because of who we are!
We hear that and have trouble believing it. We know we are not lovable all the time and we know that our hearts are in deplorable condition. We feel we do not deserve His love even for a little while.
How can God love someone who constantly thinks of food or alcohol, or sex (you add your trial)? We know God’s love is vast but surely it doesn’t stretch to cover my seedy sins….right?
Our narrow earthly vision has trouble coming to grips with the fact that God doesn’t just love us once in awhile and only when we are good. He loves us every single minute of every single day. It is unimaginable.

How do you visualize a love like the one God offers us? What does infinite, unconditional, enduring, sacrificial, and perfect love look like?
We are used to a love that is attached to some sort of condition. Sadly, we both give love and receive love conditionally. It is human nature. It is your nature, it is my nature.
It is easy to believe that we are not good enough to be on the receiving end of such a love. We are used to thinking of ourselves as not worthy, we feel we have blown any chance we have for a love like that.
That is not however, how God works.
God loves us freely- Hosea 14:4. Take a minute and look that up. Imagine it for a moment. Don’t skim over the real meaning of a love that is given freely.
How often do we feel completely deserted because those around us just don’t understand what is going on with us on any given day. We say something and are completely misunderstood and the outcome is a compromised relationship. Our words, actions, and reactions will oftentimes cause friends to disappear, co-workers to distance themselves and family to treat us like we are genuinely unhinged. Love, or even like, is usually conditional. Isn’t it a refreshing and comforting thing to know that God loves us freely. His compassion and understanding will not fail us. In fact, when we cannot figure out for the life of us how to go one more step, God gives us the courage and stamina to walk forward.

God has desires, plans and intentions for us specifically that are for our good benefit. Jeremiah 29:11. I don’t know about you but just knowing that the Creator of the Universe has desires, plans and intentions specifically for me gives me goosebumps.

I saw a life coach once who claimed to have all the answers to my future if I followed her protocol and did things her way. She promised to know my path to happiness. She could give me clarity about what it was I wanted and to help bridge the gap between where I was then and where I wanted to be. The strategies would be handed to me to reach my goals the fastest way possible. I would be able to overcome the obstacles laid in my way, overcome my insecurities and lack of confidence. Together we would explore all that I deserved and desired. She offered me dedicated time, support, encouragement and motivation. All I had to do was travel two hours one way one day a week and pay her $225 for that precious hour dedicated specifically to me. So for a mere $11,700 a year my future was signed, sealed and delivered.
How silly are we to trust our lives to someone who has not seen our name in the book of life, who has not seen the life plan that God has laid out for us let alone taken part in the writing of it. Is the princely sum of $11,700 any kind of substitute for unconditional love by the very maker of us? Can money buy a love freely given and should we overlook the fact that God has written our story and can guide us in a far more deeply personal way than any life coach could?

Psalm 139-
If you are like me, and I am willing to be a lot of you are, you keep people at arms length. I think that if I let people get close to me they will see the real me and of course they will hate me. It won’t take them long to discover the truth of “Dottie” and once again I will be lonely. It is much easier to keep to myself than open myself up to that hurt.
However, don’t disregard the One who has searched every single inch of you and knows you like no other? Did you know that sitting, standing, riding a bicycle, walking in the grocery store, fishing, what ever it is you are doing, God knows where you are, what brought you there and why it matters. He is familiar with the very essence of who you are and loves you anyway! God goes before you and after you. He has laid His hands on you and never let go. You can’t flee or hide from Him and really, why would you want to turn your back on the most genuine friend and honest love you have ever known? God is everywhere you are and you can always find Him by simply calling to Him.
Bask in the comfort and knowledge that you have a keeper who has thought of everything. Your keeper will stop at nothing to show you He loves you and is there for you.
God knows when we are feeling whatever we are feeling. If we are in pain, He feels it also. He longs for us to come to Him with our inner most thoughts.
There is no where we could go and no one who gives us the deal God does. He loves us completely for the unique and specific people we are. He loves us with a love that is whole, deep and completely honest in spite of and completely apart from anything we have done or accomplished.
Keep seeking God until you see Him for who He really is. Although God does love you, He is so much more than that. I challenge you to dig into the character of God. Love is His nature and His very essence. Who else do you know that lavishes that kind of love on undeserving people?

Seek Him, Find Him, Keep Him. You will not be sorry.
……..and so I ride


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