As I am working to build on a Christ centered foundation in my life, I find it necessary to address the issue of rejection.
As we grow up we will experience rejection and in fact if you are like me, you come to expect it. So much so that I started to read it into the actions of others. It took me a long time to retire my negative thoughts and emotions and to realize that perceived rejection came from within me, not from actions of others.

When you live with an injured sense of self pride it is easy to look to friends, acquaintances and family for validation. Negative self talk runs rampant in our minds so thinking that others are thinking the same thing about us is only natural.

I think that we all live with a need for attention and most of all approval. We need proof that we matter and are worthy of love and respect. We need proof that others believe us, and respect us. What we can be slow to realize however, that our friends, family and acquaintances can not possibly give us what we are seeking.

We all know the feeling we get inside when we are doing what we know in our heart is right or we are doing the only thing we can manage in a bad situation and we are scorned or rejected because family, friends or acquaintances don’t agree? Rejected!

Remember the hurt when you were one of the unlucky and unpopular grade school crowd who didn’t receive the birthday party invitation. No matter how you look at it and try to validate it, rejection hurts.
As we mature we come to realize that people can be mean, we can be overlooked and disappointed and (gasp) not every one is going to love or even like us. Why do we have such trouble accepting that and why do we keep seeking approval and validation from others?

Because we are human that’s why. We long to feel acceptance for who we really are and not our bumbling human and earthly actions. We search relentlessly for a love that sees the person who we really are. We want to be able to drop the curtains we hide ourselves with, to be able to share our innermost fears, and joys without the fear of rejection. We long for the acceptance of others to bolster our own sense of self-worth.
Once we realize that we have that acceptance from God it is sweet freedom and we can release all those unrealistic and unhealthy expectations we cast on the others in our life. God wants to free us from all that binds us and is preventing us from becoming the person He created us to be. Accept the truth of God’s love and watch as it is unleashed in your life.
Living with the knowledge that God accepts us completely, wholly, unconditionally and for who we really are is sweet freedom indeed. It is only when we come to the realization that our freedom from rejection and hurt will only be found in Christ,that we can start to celebrate Independence Day every single day of our lives.


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