Angry words, a door slamming and a car screaming out of the garage. I am left standing alone and left feeling like a person stranded on a desert island alone. No one to talk to, no one to listen and no one to help in an emergency. I feel alone in this world.

Standing in the living room, husband sitting on the couch, kids in the den with their cousins, parents, grandparents and assorted other close friends gathering around the table for a holiday meals. I am left standing in kitchen feeling as if I am looking through a mirror into a family gathering that has nothing to do with me. I feel alone in this world.

In each case I turned on my heel and headed for the “cupboard” where I knew the comfort was hidden. Cookies, snack cakes, chocolate. It was where I headed when I was trying to hide from emotions threatening to smother the life out of me.

Do these scenarios sound familiar? I bet you could fit your own story right in with mine.

The more orphaned and deserted we feel the more we resort to the one thing we know will never fail us. The comfort of food. We turn to food, time and time again for stress relief, comfort or as a reward. We turn to food when we feel alone or deserted.

We all know that emotional eating can be triggered as fast as life can throw stressful situations at you and that it can feel overwhelming and urgent. Emotional hunger almost never includes cravings for vegetables, tofu and bean sprouts. It does include cravings for the salty foods, fatty foods and sugary snacks that give you an instant high and keep you coming back for more. You feel like you need and deserve that cake, cookie, half pie or bag of chips. Emotional eating is never fulfilled and is located in your head. It is a craving that you cannot stop thinking about, you are focused on it and obsess over it. Emotional hunger always brings regret, shame and guilt.

Satan is good isn’t he? While we are busy filling our mouths with the sugary and salty offerings that we are obsessing, over Satan is having a good laugh because he has diverted us, once again from our true inheritance. Satan is shouting at God, look at her, she is my child!

I know, shocking isn’t it. We are straddling the fence. We are children of God but we are letting Satan creep in because he knows that emotional eating of the wrong food is one place he can keep us chained to him. One foot in Satan’s kingdom and one foot in God’s kingdom. But if we have one foot in Satan’s kingdom we are not in God’s kingdom at all. Satan knows this, Satan counts of this.

Listen dear friends! I know that going to our “cupboard” is the easiest thing in the world to do. Satan knows it too. That “cupboard” is filled with not only sugary and fatty foods, but that “cupboard” is loaded with shame, guilt, and regret. We are worth so much more than Satan wants us to know.

Satan wants to keep this fact a secret but we are living heirs to our mighty Savior. Roman’s 8:15 says that we did not receive a spirit that makes us slaves to fear. That means that we need not be afraid to trust in our Father. Have you asked Him to help you battle Satan and your emotional eating. Make no mistake, this is a battle and you can know that Satan is involved and he is determined to win.

Trust God to protect you, He wants us to know we can do that. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. (James 4:7) Instead of heading straight for the “cupboard” next time you feel emotionally stranded, stand up and rebuke Satan. Ask God to help you. Hit the word of God, take a moment and think on exactly what you have as an heir to Christ.


Living as an heir to Christ you inherit everything that He is. You are God’s most precious possession. God loves you just as much as He loves Jesus. You are seated at God’s right hand, not in the future, RIGHT NOW.

Your adoption into the family of God is a beautiful thing. No matter what surrounds you on this earth, you belong to the family of the King. As His adopted child God is not content to watch you struggle with the things that afflict you. He wants you to be victorious, He wants you to live victoriously. Most of all, He gives you all you need to do that. He chose you my friend. He singled you out and lavished you with all that He has.

Know these facts.
You have become God’s child.
As God’s child you have become His heir. You now belong to the most elite and Royal family not on this earth. You are an heir of the One who created the Universe. How cool is that. Do you honestly think that as an heir of the one and only and the Great God that He cannot give you the strength, stamina, comfort , wisdom and guidance to control your “cupboard”? Give him the keys and let Him control what you put in your body.

When your mind says you can’t, God says you can. When your mind says, you don’t belong, God says, come home to me my child.

You have been given the privilege of being a child of God. It is an act of faith to receive it, receive Christ and the gift that can never spoil, perish or fade is yours. Your inheritance is imperishable, unspoiled and unfailing. Your inheritance in God is reserved and waiting for you.

Fix your eyes on Him, go ahead, hand Him the keys to your “cupboard”.

You are God’s light in this world. Make your Father proud.

…………and so I ride


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