There are a whole host of reasons why we are overweight and why we continue to be so. This is by no means an exhaustive list and is not intended to be.Food Addiction- We can be addicted to food and our brain can send us the same messages that cocaine or heroin can cause. This is especially true when we eat foods high is sugar, fat and salt. However, just as happens with drug addiction, once the pleasure experienced with the extra dopamine release happens, the need to eat again is quickly experienced and the cycle is repeated.

Poor nutritional choices- If we eat more and exercise less (or not at all) we will gain weight. It all boils down to energy in/energy out, it has to balance.

Not enough exercise- Once again, if you are eating poorly and not getting any exercise it is bound to catch up with you in gained pounds. Research says that physical activity has an effect on maintaining proper weight that is as important as a proper diet.

Eating Habits- This can include inappropriate serving amounts, and eating when you aren’t really hungry. Failing to stop eating when you are full. Meal portions today are immense, it is hard to stop eating when you ar full when you have paid good money for that food.

Eating Disorders- these can include Binge Eating, Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia. These disorders and others like them can cause serious emotional and physical problems that can even be life threatening. These disorders can have severe consequences for relationships, health and productivity.

You get an idea of the picture. According to the Centers for Disease Control, American’s are eating more and exercising less, and as a consequence, weighing more. They say it is a combination of increased availability, bigger portions and more high calorie foods.

There are very few places you go these days where food is not offered. A single meal offered at fast food restaurants can contain as many calories as most people need for an entire day.

Stress, drug side effects, lack of sleep, and certain illnesses can all cause us to carry to much weight around. Emotional eating causes us to turn to food for relief from our stresses, for comfort, and of course as a reward.

It seems overwhelming doesn’t it, there are so many reasons we are fat. We just need to pick one. I am not saying these reasons are not legitimate, they absolutely are. They can be devastating to us as we live with the consequences every single day of our lives.

No matter the reason we are obese we can still find the answers we seek. There is not a single cause of obesity that is greater than our God. Matthew 22:37 says that we shall love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul and with all our mind.

This is a wonderful verse but in my emotional eating soul, loving my God with my whole heart, soul and mind is hard to do when food was predominantly on my mind. At times there really is little room for anything else, God included. .

Some of the afore mentioned problems are bigger than others but at least one result of those problems are the same, obesity.

Take comfort in the fact my friends that when God says He can fix it, He can, if we give Him the chance. It really doesn’t matter what kind of Red Sea you are facing, God is already there and He will show you the way through. Don’t be afraid, the same God who calmed and comforted the Israelites is with you today. He goes before you and He follows behind you. See Deut 31:8. Stand steady in the truth you know and if you do not know, seek the truth. Find sustenance and encouragement in the Bible. Let the inspired word of God remind you of the power of God’s love, the might of God’s power and the extent of His mercy.

God has the solution to what you are facing, He has the provision and He will give you the hope you need to walk through it. When you need wisdom, joy, strength and comfort, He will provide it.

Be still (it’s hard, I know) and know with all certainty that God will fight for you. Rest in Exodus 14:14. When your best efforts fall short, and they will, thank your Lord that you have His power, strength, courage and wisdom, it is enough.

Are you trusting God to deliver His promises to you no matter where you are and what caused you to be there?

I invite you to do just that.


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