I think I misnamed my blog. It is called Looking For Loveliness. I don’t think the goal should be looking for loveliness, though Lord knows we all spend an inordinate amount of time doing that, the goal should be to learn to live in loveliness we already possess.

The world will beat you down with the notion that you aren’t worth the trouble , heck at times those closest to you will do the same. Do not be deceived instead rejoice in the fact that you are worthy, and you are lovely, just as you are.

The definition of lovely is “exquisitely beautiful”. Although few of us think we can be described as that, that is exactly what God thinks. And if God already knows that we do not need to spend our loves looking for affirmation of that fact. We are created exquisite, with rare beauty in a graceful way, God’s grace. A life where God is reflected inspires love.

Others will see it and try to steal it away, the only way to keep this from happening is to decide that you won’t let it happen. Stand strong in the knowledge that God thinks of you as exquisitely beautiful.

Do you see that you are already lovely and reflect your Creator? You are solid light against a world that is clothed in darkness. Although we long to blend in and not be noticed, we, as Christians, stand out in stark contrast against the world.

We strive to fit into our surroundings and are often content to blend into the world, but that means that no one can tell where we end and the world begins. We are called to let our loveliness shine and reflect the God we serve and the God who created us.

Part of our loveliness is in the fact that we pour forth that which has shaped us. The Holy Spirit, God’s Word, Prayer, a consistent walk with God and a devotion to Christ. These are the things we will be remembered for, not how we dress, what we eat or the house we live in. Let your loveliness sparkle and bathe those around you in the light of love. Here is the important part, no matter the circumstances you find yourself in, the fact remains that you were created exquisitely beautiful, no one can take that from you for it is God given. Wear it like the crown it is.

When you feel tempted to crawl into your corner of inadequacy and despair. Remember you are living in loveliness. God loves you and He created absolute perfection when He created you.

………….and so I rideimage


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