Challenge Day 4

Today we were supposed to calculate how long it will take to meet our goal.

Friday April 14th, that is the date I will hit my goal of losing 30 lbs. That seems like a long time considering I didn’t even make it through the first day of the challenge.

Maybe I am to hard on myself though, or it could be I have no confidence in how strong I really am. Or maybe it is that I have no idea how strong my God is. I have been quick to disregard my efforts here and until this morning, totally disregarded God’s involvement. I have taken pot shots at myself in a rather flippant and probably not to smart way.

However, I have made a commitment to watch the video every day and read as much of Cathie’s writing as I can. Ian proud of myself for doing so. I also have committed to post my progress on my blog. The biggest thing however, is seeking God’s word and activating it in my life, asking Him to give me the strength to do this. I am proud to say I have kept those commitments. It still didn’t feel like enough.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I stepped on the scale and I was down 2.4 pounds. I am thinking to myself, just how did that happen? There has got to be a mistake, the scale is broken? So I stepped on again, and it read the same.

I took a minute to reflect on this mystery and I realize that in seeking God’s wisdom and strength, He delivered. Why does this continue to shock me? But hang on, He is showing me His faithfulness. Evidently, I am not a quick learner.

Yea I picked the wrong foods a couple of times in the previous three days,  but I ate just enough to satisfy the craving. Then somehow (God) I had the strength and inclination to throw the rest away.
I know what my parents always taught me about wasting food but it is time to put myself above food. 

This morning I specifically asked for strength to overcome those cravings, which I am sure my mind is conjuring up simply because I am seeing this challenge as simply another diet when in all actuality, it is so much more.

I am learning discipline, I have to live with the fact that discipline will only come with practice, consistency and patience. I have to practice patience to learn discipline……….bummer.

I am being taught through this challenge that I have clung on to those things that sabotaged me through the years. I am learning to ask for help with them and turn them over to God.

It is so healing to learn that not only is messing up normal, it is to be expected and (gasp). I am not the only one in the world to beat myself up for my failures and talk myself into quitting before I even try.

Solid advice was given for that also.

Why do we start something new and participate in it to the extent of overwhelming ourselves. I suspect, at least in my case, it is to obtain the “excuse” to quit. Cathie has repeated the phrase “baby steps” since we started. It is good advice. It goes against our nature I think but that is only our human nature. I believe that if we ask God for temperance, He will give it.

“Little by little I will drive them out before you, until you have increased enough to take possession of the land.” ~ Exodus 23:30”

Watch me take possession of my land!

 I think I will take her advice and see every set back as a set-up for my future success. I have tried every other approach and obviously, they did not work, at least, not for very long.

 So even though 30 weeks from now (Friday April 14th) seems a very long time. It gives me time to concentrate of a renewal of my mind and to learn to let God control my journey. He wants me happy, it is time to give Him the reins and let Him achieve what He has always had planned for me.

I am so glad I ran across this challenge. Even though I think about weight loss every day and write about it often, there is always work to be done and information to be learned. A refresher, a revision, an update, a reacquaintance with what is important, a new way to look at an old problem……..whatever it takes to immerse myself daily in God and His plans for me, that is what is important.


But it’s through His Word that I’ve come to understand that this journey (much like other life journeys) is designed to propel us into our destiny. Change is a process that takes a very indirect path. It does not usually look like we want or wish it would.

Cathy Morenzie is a personal trainer, writer, workshop presenter and business owner. She is the author of Healthy By Design and the 12 week weight loss program To receive Cathy’s complimentary e-book: Healthy By Design, Weight Release God’s Way, visit;

I am finding hope.


…………….and so I ride


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