At the end of day four of the 21 Day Challenge.

Working through this challenge has made me do some soul searching.I am only just through the fourth day but already I have had a shift of mindset and I have experienced hope for the first time ever.

  My weight loss history has not been my success story, in fact it has been one gigantic failure, even with bariatric surgery under my belt I was not successful. Oh I have lost weight, it was the maintaining part of it that was impossible. That should have given me some kind of clue that it wasn’t the diet, the kind of food, the gym membership, the exercise, the fancy exercise equipment, or the diet books that made weight loss possible.

It is time to get back to basics, back to the things that matter.

I do best when I keep things simple. I think that the simpler I keep things the more chance of success. It seems to me that a good place to start a healthy lifestyle is with two basic rules. Which may not be so simple to explain but I will try.

A healthy lifestyle and a consistent pleasing, weight should not be gained by an all or nothing style of eating. Good days are the days when I make good food choices, and I get out and exercise. I make plans to “do this every single day”. Those days feel great, I feel great and everything seems perfect. But inevitably good days roll into bad days. Comfort foods fall out of every cupboard and hop out of the refrigerator right into my hands, exercise…….well forget it and then the negative self talk creeps back in.

All or nothing eating doesn’t work, there are not good and bad foods, only good and bad amounts of foods.

Our eating habits should reflect our mindset. We should strive to make healthy choices year round, whether we are trying to lose weight or not. It doesn’t have to be feast or famine. Eating healthy meals but allowing for small treats here and there is a more balanced way to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

However, even that simple step cannot be achieved without help when you feel like resorting to the feast or famine style of eating. It takes a conscious effort to let God be in control. It takes a daily renewing of your mind. Roman’s 12:2 tells us that we are transformed by the renewing of our minds.

We can’t power through our all or nothing habit, we can’t do it with willpower or we would have long ago. We can’t rely on strict discipline. It might work for a time, but eventually, that time runs out.

Renew your mind daily, run to God when you want to run to food. Fill your body with scripture, let those truths fill the void that you have been trying to fill with food. Turn to God every time a craving strikes and before you know it your craving will be for God and not Twinkies.

When you feel yourself slipping into the all or nothing mentality, run to God and find the renewal that only He can offer. That is why I am doing this 21 day challenge. 21 days devoted to renewing my mind, refreshing my soul and recharging my motivation for living a healthy lifestyle. 21 days spent with Christ is a challenge worth taking.


…………..and so I ride


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