Challenge Day 7
The Power of Choice

I can’t believe it, it is Day 7 of the challenge and I am still here! That in itself is a record and I am proud of it. I was trying to figure out what the difference in this challenge is and why it is keeping me coming back.

The difference is the focus is on God, the focus is on making Him a part of this process, ok, blew that again, the focus is on making Him the process.


True, I am in this challenge with Him and I play a huge roll. I had to start the change I want to see with a commitment, and then I had to actually take action. That commitment was to simply show up and trust that in God’s timing the change will come. It may not look like what I am envisioning but that is where trust comes in.

Then, surprisingly, I am finding the motivation to step up my exercise and watch my diet a little more closely.

Commitment, consistency, patience, action and trust.

Beautiful young woman walking on the beach with a white tissue

Those are just a few words that I am putting into play. Two steps forward, one step back, three steps forward, two steps back, six steps forward, one step back………at the end of the day, I am still ahead of where I started.

I think I need to get comfortable with the fact that there will be setbacks no matter the change that I want to see. That is where it gets a little difficult, I realize that. Any setback at all tends to make me want to throw in the towel, walk away and go back to old habits, it is much more comforting and secure. To coin a phrase from my least favorite person, “what difference at this point does it make?”

Well, the difference is, it is only by learning to roll with the setbacks that we realize setbacks afford us wisdom, strength and oftentimes humility. Do you know how many times I write something, delete it, rewrite it, delete it, rewrite it before I get it like I want it? To many to count, but in the end I have a text that I am proud of.

Submit those times to God, keep re-submitting them (that part really is necessary). Once you make the commitment to change and take action, God will come along side you and match your willingness and faith. He will give you the strength to do what you started.

If you listen, God will show you the path to take (be warned, it will not be straight forward, accept that fact now) but the bottom line is, you are the one who has to take the first step.

A good friend and I were having a conversation last night and she said that she has been presented with an opportunity for growth and she knew she would be blessed by it, however, the selfish part of her doesn’t like the discomfort that would be involved in the process. There is truth and humility in that statement.

Are you prepared to be uncomfortable and to chose life. Make a choice to move in the right direction, knowing that there will be backward movement, just keep going. Push through past your comfort zone. You are not alone. Realize and live in the knowledge that change is incremental, gradual and will require a blend of faith and action.

Apply new behaviors continually until they are no longer new behaviors but are habits. Habits are easier to incorporate when we are afraid and vulnerable.

Change only starts when you decide to take the first step and to do something different. Stop waiting, stop wishing, make the choice.

Pray, pause, chose life, you will find God will bless your life with abundance.
…………..and so I ride


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