Dieting, exercise, journaling food, and so on and so forth. Is this really the way God wants us to live? Every waking moment thinking about, and obsessing over each bite we put into our mouth and how many hours of exercise we get a week.

 When what we do to lose weight and how we do it become more important to us than God, we are in trouble and all the efforts in the world will not work. We can’t shame, guilt or obsess ourselves into weight loss. If it does work it is for a very limited time and has done more harm than good.

We have all had conversations about health risks of being overweight, lowered self esteem it produces, how we look and feel with extra pounds, yet we still eat the same things and weigh more than we want to. We have all tried the latest, greatest supplement, diet books, videos etc. They can work for awhile, but in the end, we weigh the same or more. Our pocketbooks may be the only thing that is a little thinner.

Focusing to the obsessive about what we eat, when, and how much we exercise, journaling every last morsel of food that goes into our mouth leads to frustration, discouragement and is a viscous cycle. We focus on what we are failing to do under our own will power and when we fail we beat ourselves up and off we go to the next super plan that is hitting the media.

We completely ignore the grace of God, the goodness of God and the love God has for us. God personally made me uniquely me and you uniquely you. He skillfully and wonderfully made you and me. He doesn’t want us to be unhealthy He made us to be healthy. He wants us to take care of our bodies but no where in the Bible does it say that guilt, humiliation or obsession should be a part of our journey to health. Nor does it say that we have to spend half our monthly take home to achieve health.

You show me the scripture where it says to cut our nutritional intake to barely enough to survive, or to engage in a torturous exercise regimen that hurts us more than helps us. Show me even where it says we must purchase health. You can’t do it but I can show you scripture that tells you that God knew you before you were born and He set you apart. I can show you that God made you fearfully and wonderfully, He formed you from the inside out and He wrote your future in His book. He guided your conception, He offered and still offers unconditional and unfailing love. All the days of your life were prepared before you even lived one day!

The complexities that we let our journey to thinness inject into our lives are complexities that were not born of God. The real issue isn’t about weight at all, it is about stewardship. God wants us to have healthy bodies and He has given us all we need to achieve that. Just open your Bible.

Ask Him how to become a good steward of the body He has given you. He has the only plan you need. Psalm 139 is a wonderful place to start the journey.

God’s plan will give you the wisdom and balance that is required. Learn to live healthy through the following of God’s wisdom in what you eat and moving your body, your weight will naturally take care of itself. When you get the desperate urge to seek wisdom about your health at the bookstore or online, open your Bible instead. Pray instead of pay.

God is patient and kind, He will teach you the right way to healthy living. Remember what Philippians 1:6, being confident that what He starts in you He will complete. Don’t give up on yourself because God has promised you that He never will. He will see you through. It will be His timing however, so patience is a requirement also.

Walk with God as you walk the healthy road. You will start to notice you are just a bit stronger today than yesterday, you are a little fitter and trimmer, hey is that a waist I am seeing? You will start to notice that God is giving you the willpower to eat healthy and move your body that has up to now avoided you.

The road to health does not have to be painful but it does require commitment and determination.

In your weakness, seek His power and stand in VICTORY!


…………..and so I ride


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